Kindred Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus Plant Food with Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil - All-Purpose Liquid Plant Fertilizer Grow Faster and Healthier Plants, 8oz

The Fiddle Leaf Fig has become an incredibly popular indoor plant that is often used as a centerpiece in many elegant, upscale living rooms. With its broad, beautifully verdant leaves, the Ficus Lyrata has become a status symbol for distinguished interiors partly because it is hard to take care of. This is why we developed the Kindred Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus Plant Food - the only liquid fertilizer specifically formulated for the finicky ficus houseplant.  

✔ PREMIUM FIDDLE LEAF FOOD FORMULA: Kindred’s Ficus Plant fertilizer blend is made with premium-grade nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus blended with organic tea tree essential oil that provides complete nutrition and protection. Kindred’s optimum formulation helps your Fiddle Leaf Fig and other house plants develop strong roots and healthy leaves with vibrant color. Also good for succulents, monstera, and other indoor or outdoor plants.

✔ REPAIRS and PROTECTS: Kindred’s pure organic tea tree oil has been proven to prevent yellowing and browning of the Ficus plant’s broad, beautiful leaves. It is also effective in keeping unwanted stuff from growing on your plant and preventing and heal root rot which is hard to diagnose.

✔ PROMOTES HEALTHY GROWTH: Kindred’s Fiddle Leaf Plant Food is a potent but gentle multivitamin superfood for plants. Contains Nitrogen (N) for healthy, vibrant leaves, Phosphorus (P) for robust roots, also heals rot caused by overwatering, while Potassium (K) develops strong stems for fast growth.

✔ EASY TO USE: Kindred’s Ficus Plant Food is ready to use, no need for complicated preparation on your part. Better than powders that may have trouble dissolving or spikes that often fertilize only the root parts around it. Won’t “burn” your plant unlike other non-organic fertilizers.

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