Kindred Indoor Plant Food with Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil - All-Purpose Liquid Plant Fertilizer Grow Faster and Healthier Plants, 16oz

Indoor plants bring a lot of life and positive energy in your home. They freshen up the room with oxygen and provide a green hue that’s good for the eyes. But if you are not used to taking care of plants, you may find yourself surrounded with sad-looking, wilted and droopy leaves, and yellow burned tips. Plant care shouldn’t be hard! We created the Kindred All Purpose Indoor Plant Food - the only liquid fertilizer that combines a gentle formula packed with nutrients and organic essential oils.


✔ PREMIUM INDOOR PLANT FOOD FORMULA - Our liquid fertilizer blend is made with purified ingredients and blended with organic essential oils for nutritive and protective benefits. Kindred’s optimum NPK 3 1 2 formulation helps your houseplants develop strong roots and healthy leaves with vibrant color. Best for fiddle leaf fig, succulents, monstera, and other indoor or outdoor plants.

✔ REPAIRS and PROTECTS - Kindred’s proprietary tea tree essential oil infusion stops your plants from wilting, leaves from yellowing and browning and keeps unwanted stuff from growing on it. Helps prevent and heal root rot which is hard to diagnose.

✔ SUPPORTS HEALTHY GROWTH - Kindred’s plant food formula is a multivitamin superfood for plants. Complete with Nitrogen (N) for vibrant leaves, Phosphorus (P) for robust roots, also heals rot caused by overwatering, while Potassium (K) develops strong stems for fast growth.

✔ EASY TO APPLY - Kindred’s Liquid Plant Food comes ready to apply, eliminating guesswork on your part. Better than powder that may not dissolve easily or spikes that often fertilize only the root parts around it.

Try it risk-free with our 60-day money back guarantee!