Outdoor Picnic, Camping and Beach Blanket Tote - Large, Green

WATER RESISTANT BACKING – Our outdoor blanket keeps water out when you happen to be seated at a wet and damp area. It has a water-resistant coating on the top layer and water-resistant reinforced nylon at the bottom. So that your bottom stays dry, yet still has a soft top for sitting, lounging and relaxing. You can be assured that these outdoor blankets will definitely meet your expectations, anytime, anywhere.

✔ PORTABLE & EASY TO CARRY – This blanket folds into a tote when transporting for easy carry & storage. It also has a small front pocket where you can store items like your car keys, phone or some snacks. It snugly fits at the back of your car, or you can just use it as a pillow while traveling.

✔ SPACIOUS FOR 2 OR MORE – There is more than enough room for 2 people at 56x70 inches when unfolded. Enough space for you at a tailgate, football game, outdoor concert, & more. Such experiences are best shared with families and friends.

✔ SECURES IN PLACE – This unique blanket has 4 corner stake loops that allow it to stay secured on the ground. 4 plastic stakes are also included for your convenience in setting it up. This will help you hold the blanket down effortlessly.

EASY MAINTENANCE – Machine washable for easy cleaning for those unavoidable messy situations. Just throw it in the wash and let the machine do its magic. For small spots, stains and dirt, you can just wipe it clean with a wet cloth.

Who knows when and where your next outdoor adventure will be?

It’s best to be always ready with this portable and easy setup picnic blanket.

Here’s why you need this FlexTote Blanket:

*CONVENIENCE – To save you from the hassle of where to relax outside the comfort of your home.

*RELAXATION – To ensure that you will enjoy every outdoor activity with your loved ones. 

*QUALITY – You can use this blanket anywhere. Perfect on a lawn, field, and beach or anywhere else you need a blanket.

Here’s why you need to BUY this FlexTote Blanket:

IT HAS WATER-PROOF COATING – When spending time outdoors, you would want to stay warm and dry. This picnic blanket has water-resistant coating at the top layer and reinforced nylon at the bottom which is also water-resistant. That’s one less worry when seated on a damp area, or when kids spill some liquid over your blanket.

IT HAS A SMALL STORAGE – You can store loose items like phone, keys, some snacks in its small front pocket. Now storage is one added important reason to buy an outdoor blanket.

IT FITS MORE PEOPLE – There’s room for 2 people plus your entire picnic basket, foods, accessories and other items. It can seat more than 2 people with its 56x70 inches size when unfolded. 

IT STAYS IN PLACE – When it’s windy outdoors, you wouldn’t want your blanket and picnic items to be flying in the air, would you? Our Beckworth & Co. FlexTote Blanket is designed to stay in place, with its 4 corner stake loops plus 4 plastic stakes that will help you pin it to the ground, unmovable.

IT IS SUITABLE FOR ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES – Our blanket is ideal for traveling, sunbathing. Festivals, camping trips, open air concerts, outdoor picnics, soccer games and many more.

Note: *When placing the blanket in the washing machine, use a mesh bag and wash on delicate cycle.

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