Pratico Outdoors Plastic Garden and Plant Labels, White, 50 Pack

For Plant-Growers Who Manages A Variety of Plants, Keep Things on Track with These Plastic Plant Labels

Organize your greenhouse and label your plants in a cool, fun way with our Pratico Outdoors’ Plastic Plant Labels. Put a different kick to the look of your garden with these unique, cute, and convenient to use white plastic plant labels. Suitable for your seed and plant-labeling needs. Also a cool gift to your family or friends who owns a garden.

✔ PRACTICAL PLANT LABELING - Easy to use plastic plant labels. Easy to write on and simply visible. Easy to clean with a household cleaner to reuse for your future plants. Place these plastic tags on the pots, plant them in the soil next to the seeds or sprouts, or tie them to the plants. 
✔ DURABLE & LONG-LASTING - Made from sturdy plastic material so it can be used and reused for a long time. Durable, reliable, and waterproof unlike paper-based labels that easily soil and tear or metal tags that easily rust. 

✔ BRIGHT, UNIQUE, CUTE DESIGN - Comes in white with a cute, smiley face design to brighten up your garden and to make your plant markers easily visible. Kid-friendly so this will attract children into wanting to start their own mini garden and label their plants.  

✔ MORE ORGANIZED PLANTING - Never again get confused with your greens. Put a label for each type of plant in your garden. Know which seeds are planted on the pots by marking them using these plastic plant labels.  

✔ COMES IN 50 PER PACK - Buying as much as you want and labeling every single plant or seed in your garden is now possible. More plastic tags to keep track of a plethora of happy plants you are growing. 


Looking for sturdy garden tags? Grab our Pratico Outdoors’ Plastic Plant Labels now!