Pratico Outdoors Rockwool Grow Seed Starter Plugs, 1.5 inch, 49 Cubes

Perfect Starter Cubes For Plant Growers Who Wants To Save Time and Effort 

Bigger is better when it comes to using a medium in growing your seedlings or cuttings. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert gardener who wants to save time and effort but still wants a more efficient plant propagation, then our easy-to-use Grow Cubes 1.5-Inch Starter Plug (49 Cubes) is the answer.


✔ TOP QUALITY STARTER CUBES - A sheet of high quality-made molten basaltic rock, made into fine spongy-like fibers formed into a cube to bring you starter plug cubes or stone wool. Providing you the best way to germinate your seeds and cuttings to optimize their growth spurt by helping in moisture and nutrient absorption, and later on transplanting them in soil-based medium or for hydroponics (water and nutrient-based).

✔ TIME-SAVING - Designed to have pre-made planting holes for easy and fast rooting, nutrient-absorbing, sprouting, and transplanting, thus making plant propagation time-efficient.

✔ PORTABLE & CONVENIENT - A sheet of 98 grow cubes has a smaller 3.5 x 7 layout which makes it easier to carry and transport, as a whole, anywhere. It’s also a convenient medium to plant many seeds and cuttings.

✔ MORE ORGANIZED - With Grow Cubes 1.5-Inch Starter Plugs, keep all your seeds and cuttings organized and equal using one type of starter plugs instead of using multiple separate media.

✔ VALUE FOR MONEY - Affordable 1.5-inch starter cube sheet can save you the effort, space, and time in planting and germinating multiple seeds at once. They can also be recycled for other plant or garden purposes.


Cube dimensions are not exact and may slightly vary.


Save time and effort in planting and get our Grow Cubes 1.5-Inch Starter Plug (49 Cubes) now!


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