Pratico Outdoors WineCubby Reusable Plastic Wine Bag Set with Case and Funnel, No Glass, Holds 1 Bottle of Wine

The WineCubby is a reusable wine bag that lets you store & take to-go a full bottle of wine (750 mL). By using the WineCubby wine bottle bag, you don't need to worry about carrying bulky glass bottles anymore & you can now bring your favorite drink bottle to places where glass is usually not allowed. Order now to start enjoying wine on the go!

Features & Details

  • Fits contents of a full 750 mL wine bottle
  • BPA-free, FDA-approved food grade plastic
  • Lead-free & PVC-free food safe material
  • 100% reusable wine bottle bag
  • Foldable wine flask for easy storage & carry
  • Bottle shape design & wine leaf print appears when filled with wine & shows how much wine is left
  • Doesn’t hold unwanted odor or taste
  • Includes a collapsible funnel for easy & spill-free filling & re-filling
  • Includes multi-purpose carrying case that holds a filled WineCubby wine bag & protects against spills & mess when transporting
  • Carrying case can also hold an actual wine bottle
  • Freezer safe
  • Take a bottle of wine with you to the beach, concerts, tailgates, camping trips, parties, picnics & more

What’s Included

  • WineCubby Wine Bag - Fits a full bottle of wine (750 mL)
  • Multi-purpose Carrying Case - Reusable carrying case holds a full WineCubby Wine Bag or an actual wine bottle
  • Foldable Funnel - Collapsible funnel makes filling easy & spill-free (funnel comes with 1 of 3 possible colors - each a surprise when you order)

NOTE: Please always check for leaks before using.

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WineCubby Wine Bag

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