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10 Advantages of RV Camping

Camping is a great way to experience the outdoors. You may have experienced the traditional setting up tents camping, but have you tried RV camping?

There are several types of RV campers out there that you can buy or rent from the best RV rental company in the U.S. RVshare. There are motorhomes, which is a vehicle with the camper as one unit, of different classes ranging from as large as a commercial bus to van conversions to the more compact truck. Camper towed travel trailers, 5th wheels, and pop-up trailers are also some of your RV options. So, check which one would seem more convenient for you and the whole pack.

Some drawbacks of RV camping may include the cost of buying and maintaining one (if you plan of owning one), and requiring for larger parking or space for it, but these are surmounted by its advantages.

Here are the 10 advantages of RV camping.


1. A Comfortable Experience

Imagine traveling and camping across the country by land while bringing the comforts of your home. Stuck in traffic or probably hungry and tired? Hand over the wheels to your partner or pals, go stretch your arms and legs, get something to eat in the kitchen area, and lie down on a comfy bed afterward. Don’t want to spend time setting up tents and campfire? You can park your RV on a campsite, and you have a home with you. This is one of the many advantages an RV camping offers, comfortable experience for you, your family, and friends.

comfortable RV experience


2. Camp Under Any Weather

There will be a few setbacks (unexpected weather changes) just when you thought you’re having a great day camping. Instead of waiting out for the rainy (or stormy) weather to calm before you set up your tents and campfire, you already have your cozy RV parked on the campsite. You can stay warm or cool inside, and resume with the usual camping routine (except for campfire building). RV camping can be done even in summer and winter. Make fruit shakes or chocolate frosty for the family with Stainless Steel Cups.

rainy weather in RV


3. More Freedom

There’s more freedom on your road trip knowing that you can easily take all your gears and go wherever and whenever you want, depending on your needs and wants. You can stop, park somewhere safe, cook, eat, play with your family or pals, rest for a while without leaving your cozy vehicle, or go out, breathe some fresh air, be amazed by the scenery, then off you go. These are some of the advantages of RV camping. Check out the Top 10 U.S. Destinations for RV Adventure.

RV on the road


4. Large Space For The Pack

Do you have a big family and want to travel and camp? Planning to invite guests for an indoor at the outdoor party? It’s all possible with RV camping. There will be plenty of space for your family, pals, or guests coming over to play late night games, share dinner, and party in the middle of the woods. Top Portable Speakers will turn the party up.


5. More Affordable Than Staying In

We know how pricey a hotel room can get especially for the whole family, and it’s even a bummer to stay in a motel if you plan on traveling and camping along. Your solution would be to have a family RV camping. Renting an RV and free camping (boondocking) or finding a more affordable campsite is the way to go. Plus, you can save money as you can bring, prep, and cook food while on the road, instead of ordering some fancy meals or taking out. Go check the Cost-Effective RV Camping for a more affordable trip.

RV campers


6. Huge Storage Capacity

One of the benefits of RV camping is being able to bring as much gear as possible since it has a huge storage capacity. Space for your stuff, including your clothes, camping gears, sleeping gears, food, and cooking items, will be least of your problems for sure. If your RV doesn’t have a fridge or not enough for all the food and drinks you want to bring, then a Heavy Duty Cooler can be a perfect company.


7. Spend More Quality Time

Want to spend some quality activities conducive for doing artworks and playing card and board games with your kids and spouse, with a backdrop of nature? The seating and set in your RV are mostly responsible for the quality interaction in the woods with your family. A Large Portable Folding Bamboo Table and Folding Camping Stools to set up outdoors are also convenient for kids' activities.


8. Join In A Community of Campers

It’s not just you who’s RV camping, but there’s a bunch of campers out there willing to help you out and share information for more exciting journeys ahead. You also get to meet new people and be part of a campers’ community.

RV community


9. Avoid Pesky Bugs

The most annoying thing about camping is those pesky bugs crawling on you especially at night. RV camping gives you the luxury of avoiding those bugs so you can have undisturbed slumber. When you want to chill outside under the night sky, then you should have an Electronic Insect/Mosquito Zapper Lamp near you.

bug killer lamp


10. More Privacy

Do you enjoy camping, but also want some privacy whenever you need to change clothes, take a shower, and be called by nature? One of the advantages of RV camping is giving you more privacy to do what you need to do without others (campers or hunters) secretly watching from behind the bushes.


More than coziness, space, and money-saving, it’s worth trying an RV camping for a plethora of advantages. Whether you buy (make sure you have the budget) or rent one, it’s perfect for the whole gang to experience new places and camp while bringing the comforts of your home with you.