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Fun Winter Outdoor Activities For Kids

Winter is not yet over, so kids can still enjoy the outdoors this season. More than adults, kids should also have winter outdoor playtime. Take the opportunity of the quieter, less crowded wintertime. The many benefits of spending time outdoors include feeling happier, more energy, lower childhood obesity, fewer allergies, better socialization at a younger age, and a lot more.

Here are some fun winter outdoor activities for kids to enjoy.


Go on A Winter Picnic

family winter picnic

Winter picnic is a perfect time for kids to play, do a couple of activities outside, and have fun. You can play snowball fights, snowball target practice, freeze tag, or build a giant snowball. Check your picnic site beforehand and make sure the weather is clear and there’s no hard snowing or storms coming. Pack lunch for kids and the whole pack using an Insulated Foldable Picnic Basket to keep your food fresh and warm. Bring your comfortable, all-weather Premium Outdoor Picnic Blanket perfect for your winter picnic. Check out How To Have A Perfect Winter Outdoor Picnic to guide you further.


Go Snowshoeing


Walking or running deep in the snow with your snowshoes can be exhausting, but doing it with your family can be fun. It’s an exciting experience for you and your kids. Make sure they also have a good pair of Lightweight Snowshoes for a smoother glide.


Take Turns on Sled Pulling

kids sled pulling

Sled pulling can be a fun winter outdoor activity for you and your kids. You can take turns pulling each other on the sled. Make sure the area they’re playing in is wide enough to run around.


Prep A Snow Treasure Hunt

snow treasure

Every treat is exciting for kids to find, especially when they’re hidden under thick snow. Watch your kids as they happily find the hidden treasure while tracking down for the clues (you can use food coloring, notes, or treasure maps) you’ve set for them. See them have the biggest smiles as they discover the treasure chest (Lightweight Portable Cooler) full of sweet treats and fun stuff they want.


Make Snow Sculptures

snow animal sculpture

Aside from the usual snowman, you and your kids can use your creativity to make a variety of snow sculptures. You can help your kids go for a snow castle, snow animals, snow ship, snow cartoon characters, or any snow shapes and molds as long as they use their imagination. Don’t forget to use your Snow Gloves For Kids.


Go Ice Skating

ice skating

A glide on the icy floor, frozen pond, or outdoor skating rink makes for a fun winter outdoor activity for the kids. Better if they have a good pair of Ice Skates, if not, you can borrow from a nearby rental skating store.


Paint On The Snow

snow painting

Make dull, white winter more colorful. Most kids enjoy being creative by painting, sometimes even on your home walls. You can avoid that by letting them paint outside, on the snow. All they need are basic food coloring (red, yellow, and blue).


Go Ice Fishing

snow fishing

You may have brought your kids to your fishing trip. Bringing them on an ice fishing trip would be a different experience for them. But you all have to be careful though, with slips and ice breaks. Lakes and ponds are your safer bets than rivers. One tip though, avoid fishing on ice less than 4 inches thick.


Help in Shoveling Snow

kid shoveling snow

Teach your kids to help your neighbor in need of shoveling thick snow on the parking garage or driveway. It’s a great way to boost their morale, sense of social responsibility, and the importance of exercise.


Go on A Winter Camping

winter camping

More people are into winter camping. It might be more hassle to do it this season than in any other, for one, the drop in temperature. Though there are reasons you and your kids should experience it. Imagine it’s not crowded, and it’s you and your family enjoying the woods and the remarkable campsite all to yourselves. Tell your kids to help you set up the camp. After that, you all can build a campfire, make s’mores, hike, explore the woods, sing around the campfire and stargaze when night falls. Be sure to bring your winter camping gear such as Warm Clothing, Four-Season Family Tent, Mummy Sleeping Bags, and Insulated Sleeping Pads.


Build amazing memories with your kids while having fun winter outdoors. What can be fun for them can also be fun for you. It can also be beneficial for everyone. So, join them for fun winter outdoor activities and spend a great time with the little ones.