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Being fit and healthy is now of everybody’s life goals, and if this pandemic taught us one thing, it’s to get our body into shape and boost our immunities. Running is one of the easiest and cheapest exercises to do with only a minor investment in equipment. It also doesn’t require intensive training and knowledge to do. Now that the snow is gone, it’s time to take the first step to be healthy, and spring is an excellent time to start running. So what makes spring a great time to start running?

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The weather is just right

Running during winter is quite hard and can deter even an experienced runner from doing so. The weather is too cold, the ground is covered in ice looking for its next victim, and not to mention that most of the running trails are closed. And now that it’s springtime, the weather is not too cold to keep you from going outside, and warm enough to convince you to start running. You also get that light breeze of cold air just enough to wake you up and keep you from overheating. 

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Shed off winter weight

Winter had us gaining weight. With all the holiday meals combined with too much sleep, it’s no wonder we gained a few pounds. The lack of sunlight during winter makes us produce more melatonin (sleep hormones) that makes us sleepy hindering motivation to be active and move around. The cold weather isn’t much help either and has discouraged us from our usual routine and exercise. But with a warmer climate around the corner, it’s easier to persuade yourself to start a running routine and be more active to get back into shape. The time has never been more perfect to start running.

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More light for you

We gain more daylight every day as we move deeper into spring and this is great for runners both new and experienced. As daylight grows longer every day, you’ll get more opportunities to run even with a full schedule. You also have the liberty to pace yourself instead of rushing your run just to finish before nighttime kicks in. This is favorable for beginners as they’ll most probably take more time to finish the trail compared to experienced runners.



Vitamin D

More light in spring means more Vitamin D for you. Vitamin D can be obtained from sun exposure and it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphates in the body that are needed to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. It has also been linked to the reduction of respiratory illnesses which gives us more reason to run and boost our immunities during this pandemic. More sunlight means more Vitamin D, and you’ve probably been lacking on your daily dose this past winter. Start taking advantage of the lengthened daylight and start running.



More running trails to explore

They close most trails during winter for safety as ice covers parts of the ground which can be dangerous for runners. As spring comes, trails will start to open and you’ll have plenty to choose from depending on your mood and preference. More choices also mean running can be less boring as you can go on different routes every time you go out for a run. More trail options also mean you can pick out a trail that’s more suited to your style or experience. Pick out an easier route if you’ve recently just started running. Running on more difficult trails can take the wind out of you and discourage you from including running in your exercise routine.



Mental health benefits

These certainly are stressful times with all that’s been going on around the world. And even if you don’t feel it, you might need to give attention to your wellbeing today. Running can help you control stress and help your body deal with existing mental tensions. The chemicals released after running helps people with anxiety feel calmer and the Vitamin D you get from the sun will help prevent the likelihood of experiencing depressive symptoms. The mixture of calm surroundings and the beautiful sight of blooming flowers during spring will help motivate you to keep moving forward.

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