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The power couple

You are successful career-driven individuals known for your respective professional and social lives. Despite being dedicated to your careers, you still manage to find time for each other. You are influential people that inspire envy for other couples. Your daily lives are well documented through social media, where thousands of people get a glimpse of your lavish lifestyle.

A simple date night might not be enough for a power couple like you. Money is not a problem, and you could go on week-long vacations instead. Rent out a private villa where you can enjoy the silence and escape the stress from work. Spend some much-needed quality time alone with each other, and refrain from talking about work and receiving calls from the office. The beautiful setting and luxurious accommodations would make for a perfect series of posts for your social media accounts.

power couple

The best friends couple

You two have been through everything together, and you know each other well like the back of your hands. You know each other’s likes and dislikes, and it’s not going to be easy to surprise each other.

There’s no need to go overboard. Give your partner a favorite thing that they never thought you’d remember. Go to your favorite places before you were a couple to reminisce. The best thing about being friends for a long time is the number of memories you’ve shared. Capitalize on these memories and have fun.

best friends

The long-distance relationship couple

Up against the world, people said the long-distance scenario wouldn’t work. You push yourselves to the limit with phone calls, video chat, and texts. With the relationship lacking physicality, you compensate with communication and trust.

An online dinner date would be the first thing on your mind. Put a little twist by cooking together while in a video call. Teach each other the dishes you are cooking to encourage interaction. Although an online date might be your go-to date idea, a surprise visit is also a possibility. Just make sure you make the appropriate preparations since Covid19 protocols are still in place. Get a friend or family in your partner’s location to help get through proper procedures.

long distance

The outdoorsy couple

The love for the great outdoors is what brought you two together. You are a very active couple that doesn’t like getting stuck in one place for a long time. Celebrate Valentine’s day by spending time outdoors, as you’ve always loved doing. Covid-19 protocols are just starting to ease up, and you’ll appreciate the less crowded open spaces.

Winter camping will grant you your outdoor fix and let you spend excellent quality time with each other. Alone time is a certainty as campsites are mostly empty this time of year. Enjoy the quiet evening while you embrace in front of the romantic campfire. Watch the sunrise as you both drink your cup of coffee while witnessing the beautiful stillness of the mountains.

outdoor couple

The homebodies

The lockdown wasn’t so hard on both of you as you prefer staying at home rather than going out. You thrive on spending days at home, where you get to control stress and the tempo of your daily life. You love the quiet and isolation provided by the comfort of your own home.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the clear choice would be to spend Valentine’s day at home. Pack your day full of activities. Start the day with a surprise home-cooked breakfast in bed. The list of things you can do is endless, and as long as you spend the day with each other, you can never go wrong.

home couples

The loving parents

It’s hard enough to get some time together when you both work; imagine getting time for romance when you have kids. You are stuck at home because of the pandemic, and getting a babysitter is not an option.

An at-home-date date is your answer. Include the kids in the activities during the day. Play games, cook together, and enjoy the day with the whole family. Set up a backyard or indoor tent and camp while binging on family-friendly movies. Once the kids fall asleep in exhaustion due to all the activities, it’s time for your moment alone. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy the quiet time alone. 


The aged couple

The both of you represent what all couples hope to achieve. The time you’ve spent together is priceless, and you’ve been through it all. All that matters to you is that you’re always beside each other. The simplest of activities may be more precious to you than an elaborate Valentine’s date.

Take a quiet walk in the park, where you could vividly look back on the years past. Revisit past dating places you’ve been in and have a quiet lunch together. You can also have fun and redo the most memorable dates you’ve had. A quiet time spent at home is also a time well spent. Spend time in the garden where you can drink tea and enjoy each other’s company.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to be safe and follow the current Covid-19 safety protocols. Being on the top list of people at risk, it’s probably more important to be careful.

old couple