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Basic Must-Have Gardening Tools To Start With

Planning on building your own garden requires some work, space, patience, and tools. Sure, it’s almost a norm now that many are into gardening, but it’s not always an easy task. What makes it more tolerable, simpler, and more enjoyable eventually, is by using the basic gardening tools.

For beginners out there, here are the basic must-have gardening tools to start with. 


Gardening Gloves

Getting your hands dirty doesn’t mean you won’t have to wear protective gear on your hands. Handling tools and digging for long may give your hands undesired blisters. A pair of gardening gloves will get you through the whole day.

gardening gloves

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are helpful in cutting plants and branches that are sprouting out of control.

pruning shears

Digging Fork

This tool comes in different sizes depending on how big your garden is, but they function, all the same, to break up deeper into the soil and turn compost piles to make it ready for planting.

digging fork

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is a handy tool you need in taking weeds out, digging out, refilling holes, transplanting beddings, and planting containers.

hand trowel


Make your soil-related tasks easier by using a spade. It’s an important tool to loosen and move the soil and dig holes for planting.


Garden Rake

Garden rakes also come in different sizes depending on how large the area of your garden is. They’re an important tool to have because they smoothen the soil pre-planting by cleaning up the fallen leaves, weeds, rocks, and other debris.

garden rake

Garden Hoe

Like any other gardening tools, hoes come in a variety of types and sizes. What’s good about having a garden hoe is that it helps to prep your soil bed, remove weeds out, and easily plant seeds.

garden hoe

Watering Can

Hydration is as important as sunlight to your plants. Watering can choose the heavy-duty plastic one, is a piece of basic must-have gardening equipment to provide moisture to your plants.

watering can


If you plan to build a larger garden, then a wheelbarrow is a must-have. Carrying and moving larger tools or heavier objects won’t break a sweat with this basic must-have gardening tool.


Garden Kneeler

Putting most of your weight on your knees when bending can take a toll on your kneecaps and your gardening tasks. You don’t need to suffer. Make your gardening as comfortable as possible especially when kneeling by using a garden kneeler.


Soil Knife

It’s not just any other knife, but it’s something that is used for digging and cutting.

soil knife

Here are some other useful Starter Gardening Tools you should own and include if you want to succeed in starting your plants:


Seedling Starter Trays

Our Pratico Outdoors’ starter trays will help you provide space, manage, and grow your seedlings and cuttings healthily.

seedling starter trays

Rockwool Grow Cubes

One of the best mediums to use when you want to grow your seeds or cuttings much better is the rockwool grow cubes.

rockwool grow cubes

Round Rockwool Starter Plugs

Round rockwool starter plugs are effective in starting seeds, cloning, and transplanting. They offer healthier and faster germination.

round rockwool starter plugs

Net Pots

If you’re planning to set some of your plants in hydroponics or grow them then net pots are the perfect tools for that. Grow your plants healthier and quicker way.

net pots

Plastic Plant Labels

Mark your plants by putting some unique and cute plastic plant labels so you won’t be confused about which seed is which and for more convenience in managing your garden.

plastic plant labels

Growing a garden is inevitably special during these times. That’s why if you want to grow an effective one, you should keep in mind these basic must-have gardening tools to start with.