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25 Activities You Can Enjoy This Summer 2020

Our current situation can take a toll on our mental health, especially that supposed summer trips, events, festivals, and travels are canceled. Even while facing this whole ordeal, summer is not yet over and we don’t have to cross it off our calendar.

This year’s summer may not be the same as last year’s or the ones before that, but there are still many ways to spend it.

Here are 25 activities you can enjoy this summer 2020.


1. Set Up A Backyard Pool

Lucky if you already have a pool at home. If not, then set up an inflatable pool or a frame pool so you and your family can chill and take the heat off.

inflatable pool

2. Find A Virgin / Unpopulated Beach

We all know that the beach is our ideal summer escapade, but now that we need to avoid the crowd, what’s our option? The safest bet would be by searching for a virgin beach where only a few has explored and almost no one is around.


3. Run Within Your Area

Go for an outdoor run within the safe zones in your community. Just avoid any crowd you see around.

outdoor running

4. Have A Game Night At Home

Whether it’s a board game, card game, spin the bottle, or video games, make sure that all of you will just have a fun game night.


5. Go RV Camping

Many provinces have allowed residents to partake in some campgrounds and private parks. You’ll definitely lust in the great outdoors while camping on your RV.

RV camping

6. Backyard Picnic

Where a better place to have a picnic than in your backyard? Everything you need is within reach, plus you can cook and grill, play, chill, talk, and have fun as much as you want.


7. Local Park Picnic

You can visit a local park but there are some restrictions such as keeping your distance from others and avoiding the crowded area.


8. Walk Your Dog

It’s time for you and your dog(s) to breathe fresher air closer to nature. This summer activity is physically and mentally good for you and your pooch.

dog walking

9. Go Backyard Camping

Camping is considered a staple for outdoor enthusiasts like you. If you want to take a safer route, then there’s nothing like being literally close to home than by pitching a tent and going backyard camping.


10. Have An Outdoor Movie Night

Host a movie night outdoors by rigging your backyard by turning it into a movie theater. Prep a list of movies all of you would want to watch together, a bunch of popcorn, chips, and beverages.


11. Grow A Garden

More and more people are into gardening, now that many of us stay at home to avoid the dreaded virus. The best time to grow a garden and cultivate some plants with your kids is now.


12. Ride A Bike

Riding a bike is a fun but thrilling way to spend your summer, especially if you pass through the nearest biking trails.


13. Go Trail Hiking Nearby

Are there hiking trails near you? Then, take in some fresh air, enjoy the natural view, and start hiking.

trail hiking

14. Build A Backyard Obstacle Course

How about creating a summer backyard game? This will add thrill to your summer activities by building an obstacle course.


15. Go Lake Fishing

Prep your fishing gear and go to the nearest lake or river. You can even have a picnic or set up a camp there.

lake fishing

16. Go On A Road Trip

Go search the net or ask your friends what places are safe to travel. Prepare and go hit the road. It’s safer to travel on the road than being exposed.


17. Do House Cleaning

This may not be your ideal summer activity, I mean, for many, this is such a bum. But with pandemic still ongoing, cleanliness is on top of your activity list. Don’t just clean the whole house yourself, but involve your family or kids. Assign different areas for each person to squeaky clean, and whoever is the first to finish, will receive a reward.

house cleaning

18. Build A Mini Water Park in the Backyard

Imagine a huge smile on your kids’ faces when they see a mini water park in your backyard. Make the most of your family summer by setting up a splash pad, mini-pool, some water slides, water balloons, and water pinatas that will beat the heat and cool you down.


19. Play Ball

If you’re a sporty family and always enjoy playing ball games, then there’s no reason not to do it this time. Prep your backyard for a kickball and round up your team. You can also set up a mini-soccer area, basketball hoop, or even a ping-pong table.

play ball

20. Visit A Crowd-Less Park

A general rule when going out is to keep your distance from other people, so, better find a park that’s not jam-packed.


21. Go On A Peaceful Canoeing / Kayaking

Being surrounded by waters especially this season is not only cool but also refreshing and peaceful. Canoeing and kayaking can up your activity level on the waters yet provide a calming feel.


22. Have Painting Session with Family

Wear your creativity hats on and set your painting materials up in your backyard. Let your family’s imagination run wild and paint what your heart wants while you’re out in the backyard.

backyard painting

23. Go On A Nature Stroll

Now is one of the peaceful times to go nature-strolling. Grab this opportunity to go to the nearest nature-filled park or sites, just make sure it’s not crowded.


24. Explore State / National Parks

Wear your summer outdoor outfit, pack your essential gear, and explore the nearest state or national park. 

state park

25. Take Amazing Photos

As you explore the wilderness, take a moment to breathe, take in the beauty of the place, and take amazing pictures of the flora and faunas you encounter. Posting your shots on social media will help people be inspired by what nature has to offer, and in taking care of it.


This summer can be quite restrictive of diverse outdoor activities and travel plans, but there are still a bunch of ways we can enjoy the season. More of it is for family bonding time, and taking things slow and creating simpler but fun memories for the time being.