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Summer Outdoor Activities That Will Keep You Cool

Summer is no doubt a fun, yet hot season. You want to enjoy the great outdoors, the problem is it’s scorching outside and you’re drenched in sweat, given you’re not yet being active. You’re looking for activities wherein there’s a common ground between exploiting your summer break and keeping your head and body cool. You’ll be surprised as there are quite a number of cool summer activities you and your family or friends can enjoy.


Swim in the Lake, River, or Beach

This one’s the most common idea you have for sure. Check out the nearest lake, river, or beach in your area and go for that refreshing swim with your friends or loved ones.

 swim at the lake

Have a Beach Party

What better and cooler way aside to swim at the beach but to have a blast? Invite your family or friends to set up chill tents, booze, games, and music for one hell of a beach party. Be sure to know what essentials to bring to the beach.


Enjoy Nerf Water Gun Fights at the Park

Make your bonding more than conventional with water gunfights. Nerf water blasters are not just for kids, but adults can also enjoy this cool activity in the park. Explore a variety of cool picnic themes to make things more exciting.

 nerf water gun fight at the park

Go to a Waterpark

One way to cool yourselves off is by going to the waterpark. There may be a bunch of people who have thought of this but this for sure will beat the heat of summer.


Go for an All-Day Ice Cream Picnic in the Park

Whether you’re in a small town or a big one, for sure there are parks that you can go to, and most of them have ice cream trucks around. It’s your chance to have an all-day cold ice cream picnic in the park. Remember to hydrate yourself every now and then and maybe bring an insulated picnic basket for some snacks.

 holding an ice cream cone

Play an Ice Shower Game

Be sure to pack extra ice for this one and put them in a cooler. Make your usual hot picnic or camping cooler (or colder) by playing an ice shower game. You can play whatever games you guys want but the cool twist is, whoever wins will receive a shower from a bucket of ice water. That game’s going to be competitive especially if you want to cool yourself off.


Attend a Summer Music Festival

A music festival is a fun way to socialize and experience the songs and artists even more. The problem is it’s too hot especially nowadays and it's crowded. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s still a cool (figuratively) event to join in. Even though it’s jam-packed and hot, you can make adjustments to keep you cool such as wearing light clothes, hydrating yourself with cold water and other beverages, and just enjoying the event. Don’t miss your chance to some of the world’s coolest music festivals.

 crowd at a music festival

Stargaze on a Cool Night

It’s a cloudless cool night in the camping woods, parks, mountains, or nearby waters, and you’re lying on a premium outdoor blanket, looking at the stars above with your naked eyes or with binoculars. Can you imagine how cool the breeze, the hum of nature, and the shining of the stars are? This is a perfect season to make it into reality.

 stars at the night sky


Experience SUP Boarding and Kayaking

Ever tried SUP (stand up paddle) boarding or kayaking? These are some of the cool and fun water activities you can do on the lake or at the beach this summer. Be sure to pack the best kayaks or SUP boards and paddles. How cool is it to experience the adventure and freedom of paddling your way onto the waters?

kayaking on the lake

Have A Booze Night Camp

How do you make a cold camping night even cooler and more fun with your buddies? Of course, by having some booze that you can gulp and bond with. Look for a perfect campsite, pack your things and beverages, set up your tents, make a campfire, pass on the wine cubby or beer bottles, share stories you’ve never told anyone, laugh, sing, pass and drink some more!


Jump from the Waterfalls

Get your adrenaline pumping by jumping from the waterfalls and dropping on the cold river. You definitely need a lot of courage to do this but it’s a cool rush you would want to try. Imagine all the heat your body collected, physically and mentally, that you have to let them go, cool off, and go for the thrill of a lifetime. Just be careful with the surrounding rocks and make sure the area you’ll be jumping into is free of huge rocks and deep enough for the plunge.

 man jumping from the waterfalls

Explore Alaska

Pack your travel backpacks and camping tents when you visit the coldest state during summer, which is obviously in the northern part of the U.S. Alaska may be warm in the summer, but it’s tolerable. Highest temperatures during this season can range from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, while the coolest is around 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit at nighttime. Not bad considering it’s still cooler compared to other states which are scorching, right? Alaska is a huge state though, so you may have to plan on what cities you would want to explore and possibly go camp on.


Have you picked a cool summer experience to make the most out of your vacation? Some of these may not be something you’ve done before, so it’s worth the try. It’s a great time to do something new and push yourself to the limits. It’s wonderful, loud, calming, exciting, and hot, but these activities can let you cool yourself off and enjoy summer even more!