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What To Bring To The Beach This Summer

Summer vacation means not just slacking at home, on your couch, watching TV or Netflix the whole day. You would want to spend your vacation on the outdoors, where you can feel the trees, leaves, the sunlight, fresh air, sands and the waters brushing over you. Where else to spend your summer than on the beach?

There may be a lot on your mind on what things to bring. Can be quite a hassle if you think.

Here to help you with is our list of essentials to bring to the beach on your summer vacation.


  • Toiletries – This one’s basic knowledge. Whenever you go on a trip, the first thing you prepare to bring are toiletries including soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, and other basic grooming or personal care you think you need. You still want to look, feel, and smell fresh before, during, and after your beach escapade.


  • Swimming Suit – Keep in mind to bring your swim wears such are Speedos or beach shorts for men, one- or two-piece swimsuit for women, and rash guard for both. Enjoy and get comfortable on the sands and the waters whether you want to flaunt your beautiful body or cover it.

 a couple wearing swimsuits on the beach

  • Towels – Who can leave their towels behind during a beach trip? You’ll be guessing no one. Always assume that no available towels are provided on the beach area because of packs of people who might have already rented them. So, bring your own since it’s also safer and cleaner that way, and keep yourself dry after swimming and showering.


  • Garbage Bags – Having fun and helping to keep the environment clean are both possible. Bring a garbage bag to put all your litters in, then dispose of it in proper trash bin before you leave the beach or bring it with you.


  • Flip Flops / Sandals – There already are a lot of water shoes that you can wear and soak them even in the waters, but slippers or sandals are still the best especially when exposing your feet on the sands or the seawater.  

 sandals on the sandy beach

  • Beach Tent – You want a mini place to stay where you can relax or hide from the Sun’s heat, then a reliable, easy to set up beach tent is what you want.


  • Lots of Water – This one’s a no-brainer. You definitely need to hydrate yourself more often especially when you’re out in the Sun. It’s advisable to bring a couple of water glass bottles and a gallon of water, that’ll be more than enough to quench your thirst. Keep your water bottles cold by putting them in a cooler.


  • Sunblock – Bringing one is a must when going outdoors to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and from getting sunburned. Choose a suitable SPF for you and your activity. For this summer beach escapade, it’s recommended to pick a sunblock with SPF 50+ having broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB, to reapply at least every two hours. Check this out for more summer skin care guide.

 sunblock on the sand

  • Beach Blanket – Leave your towels be and let them dry; don’t place them on the sand. Rather, lie or sit by the beach by putting a comfortable, large fleece beach blanket on the hot sand.  


  • Baby Powder - Did you know that you can use baby powder to wipe off your sandy feet after a long day at the beach? It’s really effective and you should bring one if you want to keep your car sand-free.


  • Change of Clothes – This is always a requirement whenever you go outdoors and even to the beach. After getting wet from swimming and from getting sand over your body, you need a change of clothes to prevent your car seats from getting wet and to have a comfortable ride.


  • Beach Toys / Activities – Bring beach ball, volleyball, frisbee, inflatable floaters, inflatable kayaks, or any other game or water activities the whole family or friends can enjoy. Remember that a whole pack that plays together, bonds forever.

 beach ball on the water

  • First Aid Kit – Always be ready in cases of getting hurt, an injury, or an emergency. Keep a first aid kit on your beach bag or in your car. This will be one less to worry about when unfortunate things happen while having fun.


  • Sunglasses – You often see people around wearing and flashing their cool polarized sunglasses during summer. Never forget this item when you go to the beach, for it’s not just a trend, but to also protect your eyes from the Sun’s glare.


  • Snacks – It’s not all fun and chill on the beach, because you also get hungry from the activities you did. Sandwiches, chips, fruit slices, nuts, just remember to prep easy delicious snacks and bring plenty of them to satisfy your hunger and regain your energy.

 fruit on the sand by the beach

  • Cooler – Admit it or not, one of the best feelings you get is when you’re on the hot beach and decided to grab ice-cold water or beverage out from a cooler and gulp on it, until you quench your dry throat and thirst, then keep you cool. Of course, to achieve this, you first need to have a decent outdoor cooler that you can bring to your summer trip.


  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers – A great companion on your beach trip would be listening to your favorite music while on the water’s view. Set a cool summer vibe by connecting your phone or music device to your portable Bluetooth speaker and playing songs that will get everyone either hyped or chill.


  • Portable Battery Charger / Power Bank – What are the chances of your phone, Bluetooth speaker, or other electronic devices running out of juice? You take a lot of photos, use Internet data and GPS for browsing and location finding, listen to music or watch videos, and it’s a long way ahead. You should definitely bring a portable battery charger or power bank to make it through the day.


Always check your beach items list before you head out. There are no right or wrong answers on what things to bring, but don’t make the same mistake as others for leaving the things they need and want. Now, prepare your stuff, go to the beach and have fun!