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Use Camping and Picnic Tables While You Are Safe At Home

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting most of us, it may be a while until we feel safe going out again. Things may never return to normal but there will be a "new normal".

Here at Beckworth And Co, we sell our picnic and camping tables for the purpose of outdoor use. But ever since the stay at home orders were issued around the country, our sales have been up with customers wanting camping tables.  At first, we were curious as to why this was. So we asked them.

This is what customers had to say about why they were purchasing camping tables when they were mostly stuck at home.

The Picnic Tables Are Great For Home Use

Being stuck at home, especially when you have kids, means that there are more playtime and study time for kids at home. The tables are useful for coloring and drawing on. It's also the perfect size for kids as they are adjustable. They are also very easy to store when you are finished using them.

Great For The Backyard

You may not be thinking about taking a camping trip yet, but if you have a yard these tables can still be used outdoors. If going to the park to have a nice family picnic is banned, you can still have a picnic in your backyard safely. This way you can get some sun exposure while still being "safe at home" The tables go well with the picnic blankets too.

We Are Still Going Out and Camping

For the rebels, many are still finding hidden parks and campsites to have quick picnics. This may seem to be dangerous since the government told us it is illegal to go to certain public parks. I don't believe it is dangerous to get outside where the sun is shining and you are being responsible, socially distancing. The virus is more easily spread in enclosed environments like subways and offices. The outdoors seems to be a healthy option.

Shopping For Camping Tables Online

Many customers are also purchasing tables because they are generally purchasing more products online. This is due to being stuck at home and having a computer available to them. When all the stores are closed outside, people still have the urge to shop inside. They do this by increasing their spending on e-commerce platforms like ours.

Great Reviews and Customer Service

Just to be a bit self-aggrandizing, many customers also mentioned how we have good customer service and our products are rated well on Amazon. =)

I hope everyone stays safe during these trying times. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know!

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