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The New Normal Guidelines For Outdoor Enthusiasts in 2020

These times are certainly not the most enjoyable, especially for travelers and outdoorsy people. As much as we want to go out, there are some global and local quarantine checks and restrictions because of the ongoing COVID-19 cases. Our routines in every aspect have changed including our ability to travel and do outdoor activities not only internationally but also locally.

Canceled travel plans, flight, and hotel bookings here and there; tourism has taken a huge toll since the pandemic started. Community camping, group hiking, fishing, BBQ parties, music festivals, sports events, tailgating, beach parties, and other get together activities are greatly affected because of social distancing protocol.

There are a couple of reasons why we want to spend time outdoors. For some, it’s as simple as to get sunshine, escape from the busy city and breathe fresher air, and walking their pets. For many, to explore the unexplored natural beauty, to experience something new, to be one with nature and the locals, to reflect and mentally heal.

Our behavior towards planning trips and doing activities have changed, and probably for the better, for now. Here are some helpful new normal guidelines for outdoor enthusiasts in 2020.


Spend More Family Time at Home

Now that you have more time to spend with your family, you can do exciting stuff together like making papercraft (origami) or coloring with your kids while using our SmartFlip Bamboo Table, do family vlogging on YouTube, dance, sing, and play games with your parents, or camp out in the backyard. There are a bunch of ways to keep yourselves entertained and create memories with your loved ones while safe at home.


Do Home Workouts

Are you into outdoor fitness such as climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, and other outdoor activities but can’t do these days? Doing double the home workouts may be great for your body since most gyms and fitness centers right now are still closed.

home workout


Enjoy Backyard Picnic and Camping

Do you miss having a picnic in the park? A backyard picnic is a good alternative. Are you longing for another camp in the woods? Backyard camping will do just as fine. You can now do BBQ picnics in your backyard using portable grills and sleep on the blankets and tent when night falls.

backyard picnic BBQ


Watch Travel Shows / Documentaries

Being stuck at home can make you feel bored. Turning your smart TV or laptop on and activating the couch potato mode won’t hurt in our current situation. Missing the action outdoors? Why not watch travel shows and documentaries? Some shows you can binge-watch on Netflix are Tales By Light, National Parks Adventure, The Free Man, and Pedal the World. You can follow travel channels like Expert Vagabond, Vagabrothers, Gabriel Traveler, and Fly The Nest on YouTube as well. You can also check our Featured Outdoor Bloggers and know their travel stories and tips.


Start Gardening

You've been in one with nature since you started your adventures in the middle of the woods. Create your own nature at home and gardening is a great way to start. Seeds and plantlings need some starter tools to help them grow to their fullest. Start small for the time being and populate as many greens as you can later on. 

start gardening


Revive Your Creative Side

Do you have a talent for painting? Why not give your brush some strokes to paint the great outdoors your sight can reach from your house? Maybe you’re into molding so go grab that clay to build figurines. Wood art has gained popularity, so build amazing wooden masterpieces that you long to make now.


Go Cycling on Roads/Trails Close to Home

Want to still be active and feel the outdoors? Take your mountain bike out and explore the unpopulated trails near you.

biking close to home


Carefully Plan Your Trips

If you’re the kind who just goes wherever you want without a solid plan, then that will change now. Many parks, festivals, camping, mountaineering, hiking, and water activities are still closed to the public. Ever heard of the saying, “know before you go”? This is the time to follow such so as not to waste your precious time and effort visiting a closed park or trail. Always check the status of the city or state you want to visit. Also, watch out for re-opened campsites and trails. An example of this is an app called COTREX (Colorado Trail Explorer) created to provide updates regarding what Colorado trails and campgrounds are closed or open before heading out.

plan trips


Check for Unexplored Nature Site Near You

Now is a great time to explore the great outdoors near you. There might have areas around that you have yet to explore, so go check for nearby hiking trails, luscious forests, or crystal-clear river, lake, or beach. Just make sure to avoid the crowd.


Go RV Camping

If you own an RV, then RV camping may be a good idea. Just make sure to park your vehicle to a nature-filled, uncrowded area closer to home to be safer.


Search For Remote Nature

Do your research and try to visit a remote natural site far from the city and with fewer to almost no visitors. That way, you can enjoy the whole place to yourself without worrying about the crowd and social distancing.

remote nature 

Plan Your International Travels Next Year Instead

It sucks having to cancel your trip outside the U.S. Might as well simmer down the whole pandemic fiasco and plan your trip to Europe, Asia, or anywhere around the world probably by next year.


Pack the Necessary Infection-Preventive Gears

Aside from your usual outdoor gear, you should pack your face masks and alcohol or sanitizers as well.


Travel plans for the next 6 or so months since the pandemic started have drastically changed. For now, we have to live with the virus and adapt to the “new normal” that comes for months or years to come until we can find a vaccine.