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In celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women's Day, we’ve listed down some of the most adventurous, creative, and bravest outdoor women on Instagram. These exceptional human beings make it their life’s mission to fight inequality, raise awareness, fight for social justice, and showcase the beauty of nature through social media. With their Instagram accounts, they are able to encourage other people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. They are able to share knowledge and educate by sharing their own experiences in the wild. If you’re looking for inspiration and beautiful pictures, you’d want to read on and follow them on Instagram right away.



Genevive didn’t learn to climb until she was at college, but since then her love for the sport has influenced the course of her life, taking her to new places and allowing her to meet new people. 

Climbing quickly began to take over more of her life. This led to an impulsive purchase of an SUV, and a spontaneous solo road trip around the States. From that moment, Genevive realized she had an opportunity to experience life differently from conventional norms.

After 7 years in the sport, she began her career as a Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) certified by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). Being a part of the first all-female SPI cohort in 2018 opened her eyes to the disparities and inequalities within the climbing industry and ignited her mission to build community and both offer and support representation for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) climbers.




Errin loves being around like-minded adventurers, traveling abroad, camping, and trekking deep in the backcountry. As a photographer, she spends most of her time hiking mountains all around British Columbia and traveling the world with her camera. The past four years have taken her to Central America, South America, Vietnam, Indonesia, Europe, Sri Lanka, and from Vancouver to Alaska by van. These travels along with her outdoor experiences have helped shape her passions over the last few years. She lives and breathes adventure and brings that spirit to life in all her pictures. 

From multi-day treks up volcanoes and deep in the backcountry to island hopping by boat and camping, she expresses her passion for the outdoors, travel, and photography through her Instagram account.




Jaylyn Gough spent her early life on Tohatchi, a sand-and-rust-colored expanse of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. Yet it wasn’t until adulthood that she began exploring her Native heritage. Adopted by a white woman at age 2, they remained on the reservation for six years, before moving to the nearby city of Gallup.

By 2016, Jaylyn had realized she’d grown up entirely inside of white culture. Joining hundreds of Tribes at the Standing Rock protests, she noticed that, unlike many fellow Native protesters, she didn’t own a single item of traditional clothing. 

Since that day, Jaylyn has been on a journey of discovery. She studied the Navajo language Diné Bizaad and learned traditional weaving. But perhaps the most powerful connection she made with her ancestry is exploring sacred lands. Returning to the land of her ancestors gave her strength.

Today, Jaylyn captures her connection to the land through her work as an outdoor photographer. She also founded Native Women’s Wilderness and hopes to inspire more “Native women, girls, two-spirits and queers” to reclaim and draw strength from the outdoors.




Maddie Brenneman is a Rocky Mountain fly fishing guide based in Denver, Colorado, and spends her off-season traveling to some of the most beautiful places in the world in search of exotic species of fish. 

Maddie’s skill and grace on the water transcend gender. She connects to her environment in ways a regular person could only dream of. There’s a quality and ease about her that makes her perfectly suited for the job. People don’t only gravitate toward Maddie’s infectious personality on the river. 

Her warm presence can be felt at the dinner table, too. Most of the time, Maddie is a catch-and-release fisherman. But when she hooks the right fish and has the right people to share it with, she’s all for taking her catch back to the grill. Maddie’s passion for both fishing and cooking is no coincidence. For her, the two go hand in hand. She even employs a similar approach to the two crafts.





Jenny is a self-identified femme, fat, queer, writer, and hiker. She had always considered herself an indoor person until an unintended hike that led to an unlikely discovery. Outside, she discovered a connection with nature, a sense of place, and joyful movement. 

When she researched trails and gear to improve her adventures, She was disappointed to find that so much outdoor media isn’t really written for the new outdoors person. On top of how difficult it is to find plus-size gear and how cost-prohibitive so much of it is, she was facing some kind of barrier. What she was beginning to love so much didn’t seem to have a place for her. In response, she started a blog,, to write about these issues, share her own experiences, and hopefully meet other unlikely outdoors people.

She started @UnlikelyHikers with one small goal in mind, to change what people see on Instagram. Unlikely Hikers focuses on the underrepresented outdoors person. Jenny features the stories of people of color, people of size, trans, non-binary, and queer folks, people with disabilities, and other unlikely hikers. She also discusses the issues and politics that go along with being underrepresented and the healing power of nature and movement.






Adrianna, her husband, and young son Turner live in a farmhouse with their french bulldog and a small herd of potbelly pigs. Adrianna's background is in Accounting and Finance and she used to adventure anywhere and any time, but the birth of her son opened her eyes to the magic of the little moments. She felt that it’s important for every adventure-loving mother to know that having a baby is just the beginning and not the end of adventurous moments for the family.

Adrianna pictured a space for families to connect in the outdoors and inspire each other so she created Kids Who Explore. Kids Who Explore is a Social Enterprise comprised of explorers who value spending meaningful time in the outdoors. They celebrate diversity and the unique adventures that each family experiences across the globe. Kids Who Explore strives to create an inclusive space for all kids to feel empowered to go beyond their front door.




June 2019 Beckworthanco's Featured Outdoor Blogger of the Month

Sian Lewis is an award-winning outdoors and travel writer and blogger who focuses on sharing beginner-friendly adventures in the wildest corners of Britain. She runs the award-winning blog The Girl Outdoors. She's also the author of The Girl Outdoors book, published by Bloomsbury in 2018. Sian can mostly be found hiking, camping, and wild swimming her way around the world in the name of work.

When she's travelling, her daily routine is all about exploring a new place, taking notes and photos and creating content for her blog or for a magazine commission. It’s what she truly loves but it can be tiring. That's why she's always happy to come home to a more relaxed routine and a week or two of writing.




Ambreen is a non-practicing attorney who works for the federal government in Washington, DC. Outside of her day job, she’s dedicated to promoting greater diversity in public lands through @BrownPeopleCamping in Instagram. Ambreen utilizes storytelling to share how her life experiences as a Muslim, South-Asian American immigrant female have shaped her love for the great outdoors.

Brown People Camping uplifts and amplifies the voices of those who face obstacles to participating in outdoor recreation. Ambreen’s social media channels use the hashtag #BrownPeopleCamping to celebrate changemakers and everyday heroes fighting for social justice. Through @BrownPeopleCamping, Ambreen has collaborated with various partners in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private industry to promote diversity in the outdoors. Her posts attract numerous responses and sometimes spark heated discussions.




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