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Meet Ben and Charity DeVries. The couple who runs the adventure-filled RV family blog - The Grateful Glamper. The DeVries are a family of 4 who was once stuck into the 9-5 life before venturing into an exciting life on the road. In 2015, they were living the “normal” American life. However, they were yearning for something more. Fast forward to 2017, they bought their first RV and that’s when the adventures began. Ever since, they have already been featured in Rootless Living as well as The RV Show USA.

They hope to inspire and motivate people to live life on their own terms through sharing their journey in their Youtube channel and blog. 

“You can waste your time living someone else’s life by the rules setup by our culture or you can breakout out of the mold, out of the grind, and have time and location freedom”

1. You guys are content creators on Youtube, and at the same time travel full-time with your kids. How do you balance everything when you're on the road?

 We make sure to build in "work" days when on the road to be able to get work done. We sometimes will switch off with kiddos (one of us takes the kiddos somewhere while the other says back at our RV to work) as well. 

2. Among all the routes or places, you've been to, what is one route or place you would recommend for newbies of RV living? 

The southwest loop - New Mexico, Arizona, Texas is a great trip for those new to the lifestyle. There are some great places to visit in these areas as well as easy driving. 

3. What difference did RV living bring to your life? 

History and places come to life. Reading about the battle at Gettysburg is completely different when you've actually been there. RVing is also a great way to learn US Geography! 

4. What trip or route are you guys most excited for this year and why?  

We are doing an Upper East Coast and New England loop this summer. This will add almost the entire USA to our list of places visited. (We will only have 3 states we've NOT been to after this summer trip). 

5. What's one very important piece of advice you can give to those who want the RV lifestyle? 

RV Living can be challenging. Make sure your marriage and relationships are strong before you head out. Learn how to work TOGETHER to solve problems - because problems WILL arise while you are on the road. 

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