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You know that water is vital to life. The adult human body is composed of 50 to 65% water, that is why you need to constantly replace the lost fluids from sweating, breathing, peeing, and pooping. You can’t stress how important it is. You just can’t survive without it.

Now, can you imagine that everything is going smooth while on your outdoor activity, then suddenly thought you forgot to bring water with you? I mean how could someone forget to bring water outdoors? You’ll just scratch your head from frustration. Good thing you have friends who offered you their drinks. But what if you went solo and there’s no one to turn to or there aren’t stores around to buy bottles of water? What if the place you went has no source or easy access to potable water? Unless you know how to get water from the woods, then you can survive the trip, but what if you don’t? That, my friend, would be a huge, dehydrating disaster. These are just a few of the worse scenarios that you can encounter without water. Definitely, you won’t forget to bring one on your trip, right?

It is a must for you to always stay hydrated during your hiking, climbing or backpacking trip. You sweat and breathe a lot. That is your body’s way of keeping you up on your feet, and it uses water, while you exert your effort to keep focus on your activity. Remember to put loads of fluids and bottles of water in your hydration packs for convenience. Here are some of the best hydration packs to have on your upcoming adventures.

Live Infinitely Hydration Backpack

Compliments Complaints
  • Different sized pockets
  • Easy access to water
  • Impressive build for a cheap price
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Waist and chest straps are a good fit
  • The water has a gross plastic taste
  • Some complains of ripping after putting in some stuff
  • Some bladders are leaky

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TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack

Compliments Complaints
  • Pack sits well on the back
  • Lightweight with plenty of storage
  • Has clips to tighten or loosen the pack
  • There is a V-shaped hole at the bottom to allow drainage if pack becomes wet
  • Tube is long enough
  • Connection between tube and the bladder breaks
  • Water bottle pockets are too small
  • Zippers can break loose

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Osprey Packs Manta AG 36

Compliments Complaints
  • Comfortable for up to 30 pounds
  • Has adjustable straps to fit you perfectly
  • Made of comfortable material
  • It is breathable
  • Can store more than enough water
  • Slight squeaky sound when used
  • Hip belt pockets are awkwardly placed
  • Water in the bladder tastes of plastic even after washing it several times

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MIRACOL Hydration Backpack

Compliments Complaints
  • It is lightweight
  • Bladder is well-insulated
  • Has clips to keep bag close to your back
  • Looks attractive
  • Very affordable
  • Not breathable
  • Material rips easily
  • Some reports of leak from the bladder

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Sojourner Rave Hydration Pack

Compliments Complaints
  • Pattern is bright and festive
  • Can hold a lot of water
  • Cap is secured well when moving around
  • Compact and light to use
  • Pockets are great for holding valuables
  • Cannot fit anything when bladder is full
  • Side pocket rips after few uses
  • Some complains of leaking

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