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The blade has been an indispensable piece of equipment for outdoorsmen since time immemorial. As a tool that “giveth life and taketh away”, knives have helped man survive in the wild since aside from being a weapon, it had a number of other uses as well. This multi-purpose nature gave rise to a variety of blade shapes, from the utilitarian to the sinister, each unique look betraying the knife’s real raison d’etre.


Sometimes a knife’s good looks alone can make you buy it even if you don’t need it. It’s ok to succumb to the temptation, blades have been romanticised by humans for centuries and that magical and empowering feeling you get when wielding a handsome piece of sharpened steel is well worth the price. So if you’re planning an outdoor adventure anytime soon, it’ll be a good excuse to pick up a nice looking knife that imbues you with a sense of power and confidence and we’re sure any one of our picks below will surely do just that. 


Railroad Spike Knife


This is as close to "cold steel" as you can get. Made out of a real railroad spike twisted and hammered into a blade, this knife will literally send chills through your hands with its bare metal handle. Its trailing point shape make it ideal for slicing, skinning, and filleting.

Compliments Complaints
  • Very tough
  • Very beautiful, makes for a great gift
  • Very sharp out of the box
  • Fast shipping, good customer service
  • Twisted steel handle can be a hit or miss for some
  • Better as a display piece rather than a workhorse
  • The knife's point poked out of the packaging and caught a customer's finger

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Skokie Knives Custom HandMade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife with Camel Bone Handle

Typically identified its unique ripple or wave-like patterns, Damascus steel was favored for making blades that are tough yet flexible. With its clip-point blade, this beautiful custom-made hunting knife is a versatile tool that can slice, cut, skin, stab, or whittle.   

Compliments Complaints
  • Gorgeous pattern and handle
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Good price point for a custom knife
  • Some customers complained about the steel's quality
  • Arrived with a bent tip
  • Might not be made in the USA

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Custom Handmade Damascus Steel KARAMBIT Knife

The karambit was originally used as a combat knife used in Indonesian martial arts. Its scary, claw-shaped blade is very effective for slashing, ripping and cutting much like a scythe. Most karambits, which are typically held pointing downward from the bottom of the fist during combat, have a finger ring that allows the wielder to grip it more effectively while punching. 

Compliments Complaints
  • Great gift item
  • Amazing craftsmanship
  • Unique stag horn handle
  • Karambits are not very versatile blades for working
  • More of a display piece rather than a working knife
  • A bit pricey

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XUANFENG Katana Outdoor Survival knife

Many see the katana as the quintessential sword but it is hardly practical in an outdoor survival setting. But wouldn't a mini version of one be the coolest? Enter Xuanfeng's outdoor katana knife. Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this Japanese-inspired blade is great for slicing and preparing game, chopping, and clearing.  

Compliments Complaints
  • Low-maintenance, does not rust
  • Very cheap
  • A more useful/practical version of a katana
  • Made in China
  • Quite plain-looking
  • A machete might perform better under the same situation 

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Tomahawk Razorback Full Tang Machete with Nylon Shoulder Sheath

Originating from agricultural regions, the machete is another versatile big blade that is particularly at home in the jungle. Its length and weight make it ideal for swinging and hacking, and while it is mainly used for clearing and chopping down branches, it's also great for slicing larger animals and chopping smaller bones. With this version, you also get a saw and a gut hook/bottle opener.

Compliments Complaints
  • Beautiful and functional
  • Elegant heartwood handle grips nicely
  • Won't rust
  • Good, inexpensive gift
  • Steel is not so tough
  • More of a display piece, won't make it through a stress test
  • Shipped with a chipped blade
  • Outperformed by a kukri

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JXE JXO Camping Axe, Survival Hatchet with Sheath

If you're expecting to battle demons and monsters during your camping trip, why not get JXE JXO's camping axe. But seriously, this totally metal AF axe has a spike that's not only good for piercing vampire hearts, you can also use it as a climbing hook, splitting firewood or digging holes. Its fairly lightweight wedge, which is good for throwing, also has hex holes that can be used for turning bolts.  

Compliments Complaints
  • Has a cool, unique look
  • Axe head is light yet sturdy
  • Good price
  • Plastic handle broke off easily
  • Connectors are incorrectly sized and too short to reach through the handle and tang of the axehead
  • Blade holes doesn't line up with handle holes

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KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri

The kukri is possibly the scariest knife there is. The wicked reverse curve of the whale-shaped blade seems to be solely designed for harvesting heads, and it is said that the notch near the handle is meant to catch blood to prevent the handle from being slippery. However, the kukri also has multiple non-combat uses as it was traditionally used also for digging, clearing, and chopping firewood.    

Compliments Complaints
  • Great all-around outdoor knife
  • Very tough, almost impossible to break
  • Designed to be a workhorse
  • Not a traditional-looking kukri
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Does not have the signature kukri notch
  • Handle feels a bit rough

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