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The Many Benefits of Using a WineCubby

Have you tried stuffing several bottles of wine and worrying how you’re going to carry them all without breaking your back?  It’s nice to bring your favorite bottles of wine with you when you go to an outdoor picnic.  It would be so nice to bring a bottle or two to camp with you.

A bottle of wine can be quite heavy, but two bottles are heavier.  Fortunately, you can always bring them along with you without lugging heavy bottles of wine.  All you need is Pratico Outdoor’s WineCubby, and you’d be all set.

Here are the reasons why you need to get your own WineCubby now:

Holds a Full Bottle of Wine

WineCubby can hold about 750 ml of wine with room to spare.  There is a unique wine leaf and bottle shape that appears magically when the wine bag is filled up.  Once it’s filled up, it’s self-sustaining, so you don’t have to worry about it falling over and spilling its contents.

The bag does not alter the taste in any way.  It keeps the wine fresh as if you’ve poured it out of the original bottle.  Once it’s empty, you can just run water into the bag and drain it.  You can do a couple of times.  You can leave it standing up to dry for use again later on.

Bring Your Wine Anywhere With You

WineCubbyAre you planning to go somewhere where wine or beer bottles are prohibited?  Well, you don’t have to break the rules.  You can always just pour your favorite vino into a WineCubby, and you’d be able to enjoy your wine.

WineCubby is made from BPA-free food grade plastic which prevents unwanted odors.  It allows you to bring your wine with you wherever you want.  You can bring it to beaches, concerts, hikes, camping trips, tailgates, picnics and parties.  You can even take it to the pool with you in the evenings as most people would ask you not to bring bottles near the pool area for fear of breaking.

If you’re the only drinker in your house, this is perfect for you.  Storage won't be such an issue if you share a house with several people and space is a premium.  You can just pour leftover wine into the bag, and you end up saving space.

You can also bring wine with you when you go to your parent’s house for dinner.  If your dad loves to drink beer, you don’t have to settle for beer as well.  You can still enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.  You can even introduce different flavors to your folks.  You can transport a few glasses in this bag.

Comes with a Funnel for Fast Filling and Re-Filling

WineCubbyThe product comes with a collapsible funnel which makes it easy to fill and re-fill the bag.  You wouldn’t have to deal with the mess or worry about unsteady hands.

Easy to Transport

The product includes a multi-purpose carrying case which can hold a full WineCubby and prevents spills and accidents.  The carrying case can also hold an actual wine bottle which makes it great for transporting wine.  The carrying case is made up of thinner plastic than the actual WineCubby, but liquids won’t seep through.

It is possible that liquids may seep through if you fill the bag with the drinks and turn it upside down.  It has a seal, similar to Ziploc bags.  It is not airtight, but it is definitely spill-proof.

Holds Other Drinks

WineCubbyIt’s supposed to hold wine, but it can carry other beverages.  If you’re not a drinker, and you’re a mom who always look for products that you can use in different ways, this one is for you.

Moms are often on the go, and they’re always lugging around loads of stuff.  You can avoid needing to bring a huge bottle of juice or drinks with you.  You can just pour your drink into the bag, and you’re all set for the day.  It can hold up to 25 ounces of whatever drink you need to bring, and you wouldn’t have to go back for more refills.  Once it’s empty, you can just fold it up and store it in your bag.

Perfect for Travelers

If you are constantly traveling, you will love WineCubby.  Traveling means you need to avoid glasses or breakables; otherwise, you will need to wrap and unwrap heavy bottles every time you travel.  This can be quite stressful.

But if you have your own WineCubby, you can bring along wine bottles with you – without actually bringing the bottles!

Easy to Clean

WineCubbyThe entire WineCubby including the bag and its carrying case is easy to maintain and keep clean.  All you need to do is wash it with warm and soapy water, rinse it well and let it stand upside for to remove all excess water.  This also prevents mold from building up.

Perfect Gift for Wine Enthusiasts

The WineCubby makes an excellent gift for wine enthusiasts or lovers.  They make a perfect gift for bachelor’s party.  You can give it to friends who are on their way to their honeymoon.  They’re also perfect gifts for friends who love to travel or do outdoor activities.

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