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Top Camping Sites in California

Camping is one of the most ultimate bonding you can have with your family and friends. All of you are able to experience the view of the magnificent outdoors, share stories and food, explore the surrounding nature, and relax under the trees and skies. Lucky enough if no bugs or wild animals will disturb your good night’s sleep, but that’s just a bonus because you’re in the wilderness.

If you are a family person, exposing your kids to the wilderness can be a fun and special experience for them. The thing is, when going on an adventure with kids especially in camping, you need the most reliable gears and camping grounds. This season is perfect for the outdoors so look at your summer camping checklist and get ready for the adventure. Good thing California is home to top camping sites across the U.S and here are some of the best.


Elk Prairie Redwood

Elk Prairie Redwoods

Enjoy the scenery of old coastal giant redwood trees, open beach, and 10 miles of land. You can do biking and hike on 70 miles of beautiful nature trails. The rich nurtured soil is perfect for camping. There are several camping sites here that you can enjoy, either near the redwood forest or the Pacific Ocean coast.


Lake Alpine Campground

 Lake Alpine

One of the most attractive lakes in the state is Lake Alpine. Its 7,300-foot elevation, filled with Sierra’s granite and pine trees, make it more than enough to captivate your eyes. There’s also a grocery store in case you need extra supplies and a boat ramp on the lake near the camp if you plan to go on the waters. You can even enjoy the jumping trout in the evening just by watching them outside your camping tent.


Lake Tahoe

 Lake Tahoe

You’ll never lose a spot in Lake Tahoe as camping sites are available for your camping tents and trailer. There are 20 or more campgrounds where you can hike and fish around Lake Tahoe and Tahoe National Forest. Since Tahoe is within the range of Sierra Nevada, you can easily find a place to tie and hang your hammocks and relax.


El Capitan Canyon

 El Capitan Canyon

There are times when you don’t need to bring your own tent just to camp out. Cabins, renting safari tents, heater, and electricity are available in El Capitan Canyon campground. A plethora of activities can be done in these 2,200-acre land such as mountain biking trails, backcountry hiking, and beach access where you can swim, kayak, deep-sea fish, and surf.


Big Bear Lake in San Bernardino National Forest

 Big Bear Lake

Opened in the 90s, Big Bear Lake – San Bernardino National Forest became the first national park campsite with amazing hot showers and restrooms, that’s why you have to pay extra if you want to camp here. Rustic camping, a number of biking and hiking trails, fishing, and skiing are some you can expect to do here. Swimming is one of the best you can on this lake, as well as strolling on sandy beaches on the shoreline. Camping tents and hammocks can also be used. Don’t forget your most comfortable and reliable hiking or trekking boots so you can enjoy the terrain and forest trails.


Pinnacles National Park

 Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is quite far, but you’ll definitely appreciate its landscape. What makes this park special is that it was created from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. It was developed into rock spires, talus caves, narrow canyons from tumbling boulders from volcanic canyons, and woodlands. The campground, which is surrounded by incredible oak trees, has more than a hundred sites for camping tents or RV camps, with a picnic table and fire pit.



 Yosemite National Park

Last but not least, a UNESCO Heritage Site, Yosemite Park, is one you shouldn’t miss. This over a thousand miles of the terrain is even more wonderful when you see the majestic waterfalls and giant sequoia trees from this spectacular wilderness. Millions of visitors and campers visit this park every year to experience its wonders.


California is truly a hub for those who enjoy camping. You got to love being outdoors in this state as it’s surrounded by natural wonders ranging from the tallest trees to the magnificent rock formations and trails. These are a few of the many reasons why its amazing to camp in California.